Case details not getting refreshed.

Aug 9, 2010 at 7:08 PM

Hi everyone,

I have designed a portal using accelerators in which i am encountering an issue where the case details are not being refreshed.

Steps to replicate the issue:

logged in to my portal clicked on the cases tab to see a list of all the cases logged against my company clicked a given case say 'case 1'. The details show up correctly as expected.

Now i log into my crm system and update the status of the case to closed.

now i go back to the list of cases in the portal and select the 'case 1' again. I do not see the case status being updated.

I tried even logging out and loggin in back, but the case details does not seem to be updated.

Has anyone come across this issue which seems to be with the edit_case.aspx page

just clicking on update would then refresh and show the correct details