Extending the support of sales literature for campaigns

Nov 20, 2008 at 10:03 PM

Hello Geeks,

I recently came across a requirement to send out newsletters using only MSCRM campaign / quickcampaign email where each newsletter should have attached document, pdfs and / or images. Usually for such kind of mass campaigning organizations have been purchasing systems that bring many other out-of-box facilities in the area of marketing. Obviously MSCRM's marketing facilities are quite limited as compared to dedicated marketing solutions. 

In MSCRM 4.0, quick campaigning and emailing from regular campaigns does not support to attach files in the wizard process. So what did i do when my customer did not want to purchase yet another business solution and not spend extra bucks on top for doing (later to be discovered) custom integrations. I looked into details of activitymimeattachment and annotation entities to do some tricks, but that did not really seemed a clean approach to me. Then by chance i happened to see salesliterature entity where i could add documents. There i got an idea if i could somehow relate email entity with salesliteratureitem entity, half of my problem would be solved. I developed the concept BUT later finding out that salesliteratureitem entity cannot be customized :(. Luckily at this point the knowledge of DHTML and javascripting however did not let me give up and i acheived my objective. Ofcourse i did some workflow implementation to do necessary handling of emails and etc.

Though still my curiosity pushes me to investigate the cost of supporting and N-N relationships between any kind of activity and a document in documents repository. I believe this will be even helpful in saving space by not attaching the documents to activities that are readonly and apply to the whole organization. I hope MS is doing something about this in next version 5.0 etc ;)