Issue with eService RTW Install - Duplicate Workflow Activity

Apr 10, 2009 at 1:51 AM

We are trying to implement the RTW eService Portal accelerator on a machine that previous had the BETA.  We have removed all entities and all fields that existed in the database from the BETA.  However, when we perform step 2 of importing the CRM customizations and we run the msa_eService.Install.exe file in the “Step 2 - CRM Customizations” folder, we get the following warning ... “Duplicate workflow activity name Sign Up Email.” already exists and the Custom Workflow Assemblies section fails.  This appears to be a custom workflow assembly that we did not delete.  How can we delete this workflow assembly from the BETA so that the production one can be imported correctly?  Also how can we manually import the production custom workflow assemblies so that we do not need to re-run the executable since everything else imported as expected?