eService Console points to localhost

Apr 21, 2009 at 8:21 PM

I am having an issue with the eService Console link under the Settings menu. The link points to http://localhost:80/... instead of the CRM server hostname.
As a result, I can only use the eService Console link when browsing the CRM website from the server itself.

I suspect the problem was caused when I ran the eService registration. The URL I specified in the register.xml when I installed eService was http://localhost :

    LogFile = "msa_eService.Install.Log.txt"
    Server  = "http://localhost"
    Org     = "CRM4"
    Domain  = "my_domain"
    UserName= "my_username" >

I tried the change the server URL and re-run the msa_eService.Install.exe, but I am still experiencing the same issue, even after running iisreset or rebooting the server.

Can somebody tell me where to go to correct the server URL for the eService Console ?