Notifications Installation Problem

Jun 21, 2009 at 9:44 AM

Hi all!

I have a problem installing the Notifications Accelerator - i'm working on a server that is a testing environment and contains several organizations - the CRM is in English and base currency is $.

I have a big organization with alot of data and a few smaller ones and new ones - i have no issue installing the Notifications Accelerator on the new\small Organizations and the installations goes fast and smoothly, but when i try to deploy it on the big Organization the installation process just stops after i choose the organization and click "install"... In the first few seconds it thinks and then the installation box just stays on the screen - it's not stuck cause i can close it but the window is grayed out and i am unable to proceed.  CPU at that time is Idle so it's not really processing anything...

I'm clueless here. Any ideas? Might be a permission problem? Is there maybe a LOG file the installation creates?