Any release date known for Sales Methodologies-accelerator

Jul 10, 2009 at 2:40 PM
First a quote from the archieved comments on the Home-page:
reubenk wrote on Dec 18 2008:

......... 2. Sales Methodologies is entering final QA - a quick note for Miller Heiman is that it will outline how to deploy and where customers can get hold of the connector for MSCRM - this connector is built by White Springs and is available for customers who have invested in Miller Heiman methodology and training..............
Since the above post is written over half a year ago I wanna repeat my question (..again...):
..... Is the  Sales Methodologies accelerator ever gonna reach the release stadium ?
......And if so:   WHEN ?
I'm getting a bit frustrated by the lack of information on this subject.
This accelerator was presented as one of the first 8 to be released in a variaty of Microsoft publications since sept 2008
and its announced release dates have past or been postponed ever since.
Are there some unforseen problems (f.e. with the methodologies intellecdtual / patent owners) or technical issues OR what ?

The Riddler

Sep 29, 2009 at 2:28 PM

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog listed a Miller Heiman Accelerator to be released 09/30/2009. But when I check the planned release schedule I don't see it listed at all. I'm also in need of this functionality.

And yes, the lack of information on these releases is frustrating. If it is no longer being developed just say so. No sense keeping people waiting for something that is never going to be released.

Sep 30, 2009 at 11:54 PM

@ jspirko:  THNXS for sharing my concern(s) and frustrastion(s)

I'm glad to notice that more people are still waiting for this accelerator. If it was only me and a global / multinational chemical company (where we are currently implementing Dynamics CRM 4.0 for several of its divisions ) that were interested in the CRM Sales Methodologies accelerator (supporting Miller Heiman),  I could understand that it got a low (or infinite small) priority ... 

AFter receiving your post I looked up the blog entry: 

here the relevant part of it (full entry is on:


Sales Performance International (SPI) Solution Selling® accelerator was released 2 weeks ago:

This accelerator provides advice and guidance for customers who wish to manage the SPI Solution Selling® methodology through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The accelerator provides information about the methodology and the solutions available through SPI. There are two primary options for customers; one of them is available at no cost!

Upcoming releases:

....(deleted not relevant for this topic).......

Miller Heiman (30-Sep-09) – using the same structure as the SPI accelerator this accelerator provides advice and guidance for Miller Heiman customers who wish to manage the various Miller Heiman methodologies through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


So yesterday (I live in The Netherlands so in my Timezone September 30th is already history)  was the day ..... I'll give them the benefit of doubt due to international timezones and will look again tomorrow morning, but I'm still not enclined to keep in my breath

The Riddler