emulate user

Jul 21, 2009 at 12:03 PM

hi there,

i have created a customised intranet section for adminstrator role users within the accelerator website.

i have created a separate login page (loginemulate.aspx) and related control. (loginemulate.ascx)

on the login page i have converted to a template and added a new textbox control (ideally in the long term a dropdown list)

i have configured roles so that there is an administrator role and only administrators can get to the intranet section

i have then added the textbox to the codefile

i am trying to add the ability for administror role users to emulate users (ie my username, password and username provided at login)

i manged to get the system to recognise me as another user, but it crashes when i go to a page that accesses the crm e.g. viewcases.aspx

it looks like a contactid guid is set at login, but i cant see where

has anyone got any ideas?