Enterprise Search - BDC does not appear in the BDC List Picker

Aug 18, 2009 at 11:09 AM

I have taken a copy of the MSA_MSCRM_BDC_V1.0.xml file and changed the database server and catalog to match my production system.  Here MOSS and CRM and on seperate servers.

The file is uploaded to MOSS successfuly but it does not appear in the BDC List Picker.

How can I debug this in a logical way.  I have no idea whether there is a mistake in the xml file, whether there is a permissions issue in seeing the BDC through the picker or whether the BCD is unable to see CRM.

I would assume that the latter is not the current problem (although I may hit it later).  Presumably even if the CRM datails were configured incorrectly I should still see the standard entities in the picker at this stage.

I have loaded the file into the Application Defenition Designer and successfuly retrieved results for Account and Contact.  I did this from my development PC and not from any of the servers in question.

Any help is greatly appreciated.