CRM/SharePoint Integration on VPC

Sep 22, 2009 at 8:01 PM


I'm having some difficulties ensuring that I fully understand the functionality of the Enterprise Search Accelerator.

I currently have the latest VPC and noticed that  a few accelerators have already been installed and are functional.

On the VPC I'm seeing a two way integration with CRM and SharePoint.
In SharePoint, I'm seeing CRM Account Records within a BDC Web Part; however, I'm also seeing in CRM a new tab and section with cusotmized fields which references a specfic SharePoint document library for each Account.  Is the customizations and synchronuous Plug-In from within CRM a part of the Enterprise Search Accelerator?

Thanks for helping me gain a better understanding as I am not able to correlate any of the documentation to the customizations from CRM.


Mark Walczak