Analytics Dashboard

Oct 13, 2009 at 12:09 PM


In all the videos and images I've seen of the Analytics accelerator, there is always a dashboard page, which has lots of graphs all in the same place

and a landing page which offers options:

as from this page (I realise it is a year old and of the beta version)

However, from the package that I downloaded (R2), it just seems to be a collection of reports?  They are useful, but what I'm really looking for is having them all in the same place.  I ran the Start.exe file, which opened up the webpage, and followed the instructions for Basic-1 for 2008.  Now I have lots of additional reports in the reporting section.  Have I missed a step in getting the new section to appear, or have I misunderstood what the accelerator is supposed to supply? 

This is an installation that was upgraded from CRM 3.0 if that makes a difference, and we are running SQL Server 2008.

Thanks in advance,