Social Networking - Can not lookup Social Network User

Nov 25, 2009 at 12:36 PM

I have installed the Social Networking accelerator, and got it all working, thank you very much. Today we have noticed a bug. If you create a new Status and then try an lookup a social network user it will not let you select a user and click OK. 

Everything works if you go to the Social Network User and click new Status from there, if you type the name in the User box on the Status form or using the form assistant, but not if you use the lookup button.

I have set up a second test organisation, but still get the same problem. 


Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this.

Thanks very much




Nov 26, 2009 at 3:48 PM

I have been looking into this a bit further and have managed to find a solution. Don't really understand how it was wrong in the first place.

I exported the Social Network User to XML then had to edit the configuration directly. What I found was on a number of the views there were references to msa_snid even though this field is not anywhere on the views in CRM. After creating a new version on of the entity in new organization and compared the XML I found that this should have been msa_snuserid.

I replaced every where msa_snid with msa_snuserid in the savedquery second of the xml file and re-imported. This appears to have resolved the problem. I wonder if something had been changed in the entity in the past which did not apply fully. I just hope there a now further problems resulting from this change I have made.

General on most view I had to make to changes for each view. These were in the fetchxml of the view it was returning msa_snid attribute and I changed it to msa_snuserid and also on the layoutxml change the row from <row name="result" id="msa_snid"> to <row name="result" id="msa_snuserid">


Hope this may be of some help to someone else.